1969 seems like yesterday, but Fernand Racine have come such a long way to 2019! So many souvenirs that warm our hearts and remind us the essence of our profession. Tempus Fugit, time flies, but excellence stays!

Bijouterie Fernand Racine is a family business well-established in Shawinigan since 1969. Our Master watchmaker, Fernand Racine, has been also working as a jeweller for almost 30 years and offers repair service on watches, clocks and jewellery.

Born in Victoriaville, Fernand Racine studied watchmaking in Trois-Rivières. Then, he chose to specialize in Acutron movements, for which he followed courses in Québec city, Montréal and in Toronto, at Bulova. Later, to complete his expertise in watchmaking, he followed various workshops in New-Jersey, Toronto and Switzerland. He made his debut at Bijouterie Réjean Racine in Saint-Hyacinthe alongside his brother, who was watchmaker and gemologist himself.

In 1969, he arrived in Shawinigan and took in charge the whole department of watches, watchmaking and aftersales service for Donatien Dugré. Mr. Dugré ended-up offering him to acquire the department in 1976. Some years later, in 1980, Fernand Racine opened a clock factory on Rang Saint-Mathieu where he made wall clocks and floor clocks that will be sold in renown jewellery stores all across the province.

« When you really want to work, it only takes a look around to find the field in which you will have success! » 

In 1986, Fernand build his own boutique at 745, 5ème Rue de la Pointe.

Very early his son Patrick joined him. He started at the factory where he put together the clocks and adjusted the movements.

The boutique in Shawinigan, led today by Patrick, is distinguished by the exclusive offer of renowned brands.
He is the exclusive dealer of Tudor watches for the whole East of Québec for 26 years now. The same applies for Birks and Montblanc products, which draw to his door, as well as to the heart of the city, many visitors from all around.