For the watch enthusiasts, Bijouterie Fernand Racine is a destination of choice. Montblanc exclusive dealer for the East of Québec, the best place to admire fine watchmaking. Other brands, with a well-established reputation, can satisfy a more modest clientele.


Everybody knows Montblanc for its splendid writing instruments. But from now on, with the acquisition of the Minerva manufacture, strong of 160 years of savvy and experience in watchmaking, inventor of the stopwatch and renown for creating high quality complication movements, Montblanc adds a complete collection of fine watches to its range of exceptional products. From the most classical to the most high-tech, with the smart-touch Summit watch, Montblanc already found its place in the watchmaking marketplace and is treated with respect.


The name Michel Herbelin is a pledge for quality since 1947. Those French luxury watches are inspired by the sailing universe, especially the Newport collection which has established the reputation of the brand many years back. But first of all, Michel Herbelin is a family affair that pushed back its limits through time by innovating and offering quality watches across the world. To this day, Michel Herbelin has more than 10 million watches sold.

Women will be charmed by the pure and delicate lines, the superb bracelets, soft or rigid, leather or steel that gets in perfect union with refined cases assembled with care and precision by master watchmakers.

Men will find that Michel Herbelin models are classical, timeless, durable and reliable, models that will make their timekeeper a jewel they won’t be able to live without.

The fineness of the dials and the mix of colours and textures make Michel Herbelin watches the essential ones when looking for quality.


Since its debut in 1853, Tissot offers high quality watches for men and women with an impressive variety of designs. You will also find a large choice of special editions, some limited, that will satisfy your search for exclusivity. Among those choices the T-Race Moto GP serie, celebrating the racing drivers Nicky Hayden, Stefan Bradl or Thomas Luthi, the NBA or CBA collection, the collection celebrating the partnership between Tissot and Tour de France competition or the Jungfrau train. Solid cases equipped with mecanical or electronical swiss movements, varied and trendy; Tissot is always up to date.


Seiko never stopped to innovate from the day it came into being, in 1881, when its founder started clock repairs in Tokyo city center in Japan. We owe him lots of revolutions in the mecanical and electronical movements’ evolution. To cite some of them: first multifunction digital watch in 1973, first TV watch in 1983, first diving watch equipped with a depth-meter in 1990.

Seiko can be seen all across the world and is renowned for its reliability, excellent price and quality balance. The brand offers various price ranges and with Pulsar watches, it will satisfy any budget. The brand offers also a large choice of clocks and alarm clocks.


At the Bijouterie Fernand Racine Inc, you will get the chance to see authentic cuckoo clocks, imported directly from the Black Forest region in Germany. The family company Hubert Herr offers unique cuckoo clocks for 5 generations. Each part of the cases are sculpted by hand with precious care in natural wood, whether it be fir, spruce, alder or even limewood. The movements are also issued from Hubert Herr’s workshop. In the heart of the Black Forest, the cuckoo clocks come to life thanks to the skills and know-how of the artists creators, trained to perpetuate this renowned brand’s heritage since the beginning of the last century. From 24 hour to 8 days mechanisms, with melody and mobiles or the simple traditional cuckoo, you will be charmed by those clocks, as soon as their heart starts beating.